Analysis of GDV-graphs and GDV-diagnostics by Dr. Dvorianchikov

Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov

Three Approaches to the Analysis of GDV-graphs and GDV-diagnostics by Dr. Dvorianchikov  

His deep many-sided knowledge enables Dr. Dvorianchikov to combine three different approaches to human health in his medical practice – the Western, the Traditional Chinese and the Ancient Indian approaches.

Interpretation of a patient’s GDV-graph from the standpoint of these three medical traditions provides a truhly holistic view of the person’s health state. 

During his lectures within the Human Light System Online Course 2.0 Dr. Dvorianchikov will share unique knowledge with you. For the first time in the history of the GDV technology a certified doctor will provide diagnosis based on GDV-graphs, using three different approaches to the analysis of human health.

2 thoughts on “Analysis of GDV-graphs and GDV-diagnostics by Dr. Dvorianchikov

  1. Catherine Folkers

    Thank you so much! I am a psychotherapist who works with energy, yoga, meditation and sound therapy as well as psychodynamic and depth psychotherapy. I have had a Bio-Well device for 2 months and have been thrilled to discover the amount of information that is available from the scans. I’ve been trying to learn from the scans and analysis pages as much as I can. Your lecture gave me so much more understanding and guidance. I want very much to develop deeper skills to work with the BioWell and look forward to more of your trainings.

    With gratitude and all best wishes for the New Year,


      Dear Cathy, that’s great to hear that our technologies are helpful for you in your practice :) The lectures of Dr. Dvorianchikov are indeed unique. He is a certified doctor who specializes in many fields of Western medicine as well as TCM, and he has more than 10 years of experience in using the GDV technology for providing diagnoses of his patients. A perfect opportunity to improve your skills of interpretation of GDV graphs. Welcome to the HLS 2.0!

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