Bio-Well diagnostic during acupuncture treatment with Dr. Dvoryanchikov

Dear friends! I recently went through acupuncture treatment performed by dr. Dvoryanchikov. I’ve been using GDV technology to diagnose myself all the time during treatment as well as at the end of it. Here is Bio-Well diagnostic images during the treatment.

Objectives: A research was conducted to determine the quality of acupuncture treatment by the doctor Dvorianchikov a specialist of traditional Chinese medicine.

Description: Using the technique of dynamic digital gas-discharge visualization (GDV) bioelectrography, а number of measurements (3-4 measurements per day) were performed within 10 days of treatment. Diagnosis from the point of view of Chinese medicine is “emptiness of YIN energies of kidneys, elevation of YANG energies of liver”, which reflected on the capacity of a number of organs and body systems.

Results: During 10 days of treatment, there was an increase in energy levels and a continuous improvement in the performance of all organs and systems of the body.

Conclusions: The method of acupuncture treatment gives fast positive results.

As you can see on the bio-well diagnostic images, after 10 days acupuncture treatment with dr. Dvoryanchikov my health condition and my energy level is increased a lot. Now I feel much better and really appreciate for this treatment.