Bio-Well seminar, online access!

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Bio-Well seminar

Dear Friends, we have several places left for online participation at the Bio-Well workshop in Prague 15-17 May.

All Bio-Well customers, who have not yet been certified, are encouraged to attend. Additionally, anyone interested in learning the processes of the Bio-Well device and Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique, who may not yet own a Bio-Well, are welcome to join us and experience this revolutionary technology.

You can see the agenda at

You will be at home but on the workshop :) You will be a seminar participant and you can order Bio-Well and other products from GDVPLANET with 20% discount. With all questions please mail

Purchase live participation in this seminar! ($[wp_eStore_product_details id=70 info=”price”])

Or, if you’re a Human Light System Course student or lecturer,
an IUMAB member,
a student or a teacher of The Biointernet School,
Purchase live participation in this seminar with 50% discount! ($[wp_eStore_product_details id=71 info=”price”])

3 thoughts on “Bio-Well seminar, online access!

  1. Barbara Prucha-Graber

    where do I enter the classroom for the webinar 15.-17.5.15?
    I cannot find the link.
    kind regards
    Barbara Prucha-Graber

  2. Barbara Prucha-Graber

    Finally I got it. Thank you!

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