Dear mommies and daddies

We deeply appreciate and respect your social position of parents. There is a hard task on your shoulders to bring up children, who will live in another, better future, which we are creating together today.
If you want to attend our Congress, but don’t know where and with whom you could leave your child/ children for the whole week, we can help you.
We will organize a Children’s corner in the Velkopřevorsky palace, where your kids will be cared for and will be engaged in interesting games and activities. During breaks you can check if they are fine. As for the meals, this question is also solved easily – you and your kids will have lunch together and you can order their favorite dish.
We will organize a few mobile sleeping places in touristic style, so that your child can have a rest after lunch.
If the classes are prolonged, which often happens during our events, you won’t need do worry, as your child will be close to you.
Come to the Congress with your child, you won’t regret!
Payment is voluntary.

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