Digital Structured (Healing) Photography with Oleg Bazhenov

Beauty is a unique, diverse information that has many levels of perception and impact on the viewer. And this information has its extremely complex structure.

The ability to see, understand and feel this structure, and finally to form and enrich it with your inner state and energy – this is the key to creating a healing photograph.

The lecture by Oleg Bazhenov is dedicated to an unusual approach to photography. The essence of this approach is the ability to create informational and light structures in images which will enable you to influence the events of your life, your mood, state and health. It is the ability to respond to what is happening, to form states and events, to learn how to interact with the informational and light structures of the space and yourself.

You will be able to start an exciting process of understanding and changing yourself and the world around you with the help of a camera.