Evening Meetings

What is the difference between a “night owl” and an “early bird”? It is the fact that the former is especially active in the evening.

Evening sessions will enable the organisers of the Human Light System Congress Training not only to satisfy the “night owls”, but also to wait for the sunrise together with the participants from the Western hemisphere.

The schedule of evening sessions:

1st Day. 25th May
Evening photo session with Oleg Bazhenov

2nd Day. 26th May
Evening Biointernet Marketing session with Kirill Korotkov

3th Day. 27th May
Evening GDV session: mass mutual energy scanning of the participants with the GDVCAMERA Bio-Well

4th Day. 28th May
Evening Intuitive Information Sight session with Tatiana Karovina

5th Day. 29th May
Evening GDVCAMERA Bio-Well session

6th Day. 30th May
Evening Biointernet games session