GDV Sputnik graphs of the Biointernet Meditation Global Experiment

GDV Sputnik on the Biointernet Meditation

GDV SPUTNIK Sensor comparative graphs of the measurements from the Biointernet Meditation Global Experiment

The Biointernet Meditation #3/17 GDV Sputnik Global Experiment

Here is one of the comparative graphs of the measurements, taken with the GDV Sputnik Sensors on 21st January 2017. 

We have captured the changes of energy parameters simultaneously in four countries during half an hour.


While comparing the Area (which is proportional to the amount of light photons at the particular moment) and Energy (which shows the level of energy of the emitted light) parameters, we can see relatively high and even results in Germany and Israel and lower and unstable results in the Czech Republic and South Africa.

While comparing the indexes of the Intensity parameter (which shows average intensity of the light emission) we can see the highest result in Germany (120), very close indexes in the Czech Republic and Israel (around 80) and a lower index in South Africa (around 45).

 The Deviation S parameter (measures the level of non-uniformity of the area graph curve measured in sliding window mode). Firstly, the graphs of measurements taken in Israel and Germany are relatively even and show good correlation between each other during the half-hour’s meditation. This could be indicative of a high level of synchronization of the participants. Afterwards the difference becomes more obvious.

Also, most of the time during the half-hour’s meditation the graphs of the Czech Republic and South Africa, which demonstrate quite high levels of Deviation S, also correlate with each other and show a tendency of decrease of this parameter. This could be indicative of leveling of space energy parameters during the group meditation.

We can see relatively high variability of space energy parameters in Prague and South Africa, which is reflected in the Deviation S graph. This can be indicative of the level of activity around the sensor. Both in Prague, where Tatiana carries out her creative experiment, and in South Africa, where Keith Macmilan conducted his experiment with the adjusted assemblage point with ametist wand, the level of the Deviation S is the highest. This shows the influence of creative activities on the space energy parameters.

Please don’t forget to note down the changes of your activity on the graph, so that we can determine what kind of activity was taking place near the device when the changes were happening.

 We are thankful to all participants of the experiment and especially Keith Macmillan from South Africa and Klaus Dieter Weitschat from Germany! Your work is very important for us! We hope to see you again at our Biointernet Meditation!