How to order participation in Congress

1. Decide, which option you would like to get:

a)  a special offer: the participants will get a Bio-Well device, an Ak Tom or Translighter Blaga Gold for free! (1699€)    Order Now!

b) an offer without the device – cost in April 2017 $350 /$700 in May/   Order Now!

2. Make a payment

3. Choose if:

a) Participate in HLS CT venue in person

b) Or participate online


If you have choosen option 2.a), we’ll contact you regarding help with accommodation, transfer and catering.

If you need help with accommodation, our company has signed a corporate agreement with many Prague hotels and therefore we are able to negotiate rates for our guests, especially to find the ones that would be best suited to you.

If you need assistance with a public-transfer, the transportation in Prague is quite well organized and we can prepare a list of time tables, transport lines and maps, so you could get around for cca 1.5 $, anywhere in Prague.

Also we can arrange a transfer from the airport to the place of accommodation.

The service will be charged separately, and the price is not determined in advance, the cost is about $50.

How would you like to plan your lunch?

Would you like to join our menu and dine with us? Or prefer to order your meal

separately? We’d like to highlight that the lunch break is 60 min.


If you have choosen option 2.b),  we are going to contact you regarding technical setup and short training on how to use online conferencing.

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  1. Richard Crabbe

    Is this an annual event? The reason I ask is I am already committed to something else this year but would like to attend next year if it is being held again.

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