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    Hello from Greece Mr Korotkov,
    I would like to become a member in Human light system course!

    with respect

    Ploumitsa Triantafillopoulou

    • Olga Farber Reply

      Hello Ploumitsa,

      You can purchase the participation in the course here.

      if you’re interested in GDV technology, you’re welcome to pay attention to the packages we now made available together with the course:
      HLS Magic Package and HLS Platinum, both offer 15% discount in January.

      I personally would recommend you to take at least the Magic Package as it contains three Translighters – little magical cards, which will help you learn in a more effective and satisfying way and support you both inside, with your thoughts, and outside, with the circumstances. Why personally – because I personally use them and just love their influence in my life.

      To understand what I’m talking about, you’re welcome to see a replay of a webinar we recently had:

      On the course we will learn to work with our light system, and these cards .. take it to the next level, and now they are available with the 15% discount.

      To read more about the course program, please come here: http://www.humanlightsystem.org/hls-course/

      With any questions please write to us.
      Metta :)

  2. Patrícia Pacheco Reply


    Congratulations for the Human Light Course.
    I would like to know if you are going to dinamize another course next months or just in 2016? I would like to integrate the next one.

    Keep sharing light,
    Patrícia Pacheco

    • Olga Farber Reply

      Hello Patricia!

      If by integrate you mean participate in, you can participate in this course – all lectures are recorded and waiting for you, you can watch them and do the exercises in your own tempo and in the convenience of your home.

      Welcome ♥

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