HLS IW II, 2017

Dear friends, we invite you to the Human Light System International Workshop 2017 (HLS IW), which will take place between 25th and 31rd May 2016 on Prague.


Human Light System October

International Workshop

Live and Online participation

October 1-11th (2016), Prague

HLS October

The main goal of organizing the HLS IW is to give participants an opportunity to enjoy pure science in popularized form, introduced firsthand by the scientists who have developed these technologies. To introduce the practical meaning of these scientific developments to the participants and to help them learn practical skills, related to the knowledge they have received during the courses.

More details: Human Light System October

Tel. (420) 720 021 888, email: seminar@iumab.org

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HLS Online Course

Human Light System online course
experimental online-offline 5 years course

Part One – Theory of Human Light System

Part Two – Practice of Human Light System

Part Three – Training your Human Light System


First year – 5 months, February-June 2015, 42 Lectures 

+ Free WebinarsHLS Seminars


Second year – 5 months, November 2016 – April 2017, 42 Lectures 

+ International Workshop + The Biointernet Meditation

2-3 days per week, 2 hours online classes 

Art, Science, Technologies

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