Human Light System Online Course 2.0 – Focus: Introduction

Human Light System Online Course 2.0

Human Light System Online Course

Focus: Introduction

For years we have been conditioned to believe that the flow of energy in the Universe and in a person as a part of the Universe is unexplainable and that only the chosen people can comprehend it. But this knowledge does not require any special professional skills, that’s why YOU can also become a chosen one. The Human Light System Online Course 2.0 is the second of the five levels of training. During these six months the teachers, who are pioneers and guru in their fields, will unveil secrets that have never been known before. They will share firsthand undistorted knowledge with you and will give you an opportunity to learn unique skills in the following fields:

Human light system and bioelectrography   |   Human biofields and Bioelectromagnetics   |   Natural foods   |   Healing photography   |   Korotkov GDVCAMERA Bio-Well   |   Energy medicine   |   Emotional wellness   |   Global understanding of consciousness   |   Translighters technologies   |   Low and superlow fields   | Sound healing   |   Energy psychology   |   Intuitive Information Sight


Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Dr. Sergey AvdeevDr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov, Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin, Dmitry Orlov, Galina Gajova, Emrik Suichies, Boris PetrovichTatyana Karovina, Eugenie Avdeev, Kirill Korotkov, Silvia Miranda, Oleg Bazhenov, Hesham Sami, Dr. Dieter Zenke, Dmitry Rogov and others.


The lectures will take place 2 – 3 times per week and will last approximately 120 minutes. You can also join us for The Biointernet Global Meditation every Saturday. The lectures will be available offline after they will have taken place. For detailed information about the contents of seminars and lectures, click here.

Technical Support

The lectures will be conducted via the Zoom software. Each participant will complete a short individual online training to learn all basic functions of the Zoom software before the beginning of the course. This will ensure smooth connection during the course and enable the participants to use all opportunities provided by this conference software. If you have any questions, please contact the course administrator:

Contact mail: PM


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Certificate by IUMAB (IUMAB Diploma) will be issued for all students who will be with us all 5 months.