Intuitive Information Sight as a means of sensory perception

Tatiana KarovinaThe concept of intuition is widely known for its mysteriousness, ambiguity and ethereal nature. But technology in psychology does not stand still. For better orientation in today’s complex world full of revolutionary changes, we can develop and use intuition as well as other sensory organs, whose signals we are already used to trusting. A more accurate term for a developed intuition is Intuitive Information Sight (IIS).

In the webinar, you will learn about the principles of developing intuition; how to use this personal protector; the concrete results of its practical application; the extraordinary events that happened because people used their intuition.

More info about Intuitive Information Sight can be found here:
International Society Intuitive Information Sight
Non Profit research organization

In the webinar, the following device (Translighter) is used and spoke about:

THE BIOINTERNET MASKTHE BIOINTERNET MASK is a sleeping mask with systemic adapters, BLAGA devices, which stimulate, through quantum physics, the parts of the brain, responsible for vision, intuition and creativity.

Imagine you had a tool that helps you to make the world a better place for yourself, see it from a new and open perspective, that will lead you into unknown spheres. The BIOINTERNET MASK is such a tool. It helps you to develop a new vision of quality, develop techniques to effectively implement your heart’s desires. It helps you to notice things you had not noticed before and, through relaxation, enhances your creative potential.

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6 thoughts on “Intuitive Information Sight as a means of sensory perception

  1. Lily Vinh

    I am in California USA, and I just missed the webinar, which I am sure was wonderful. I am very fond of learning about what you are offering, I salute to the programs. I will try my best with my time to arrange. I don’t afford the apparatuses, however, I told introduce friends who can.
    Thank you so much, please keep the good work and keep me inform.

    • Olga Farber

      Hi Lily,

      This webinar will be repeated on Monday, 17:30 GMT. But if you can’t make it, please don’t worry, we will have a replay available.

      In order to be updated, when the replay is ready, please subscribe to our newsletter, as I cannot physically manage to send it to everyone separately, there are many requests. Thank you :)

  2. Nesrine Emarah

    i attended the webinar of Intuitive Information Sight and i would like to thank you so much for the interesting information that you offered during the session and i would like to ask when will be the next session and what is the course times and dates.. thanks in advance for your reply

  3. Nesrine Emarah


    thanks for your prompt reply, kindly advise the time for the course as it will start today but i don’t know when.. appreciate your feedback

    • Olga Farber

      The course will start on 15:00 GMT, but I don’t have your name between our participants’. Did you register?

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