Intuitive Information Sight Technologies for blind people

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During her session Tatiana will introduce to you the principles of working with blind people who have lost their eyesight. And of course, the participants will do exercises that will enable them to reveal their potential abilities or just have fun.

But seriously:

Human brain is divided from the outside world by a few layers, it is well-protected from mechanical damages. However, through all these layers we register what is going on in our brain, and the signal amplitude loss while passing through all these layers is surprisingly insignificant. The possibility of direct activation of the brain cells by the environment factor, specifically the electromagnetic waves (which is done during electromagnetic stimulation therapy) is easily proved by the clinical effect, which develops easily in these conditions.

The International Society of Intuitive Information Sight was brought to life to promote a technique for developing the ability of eyeless sight, which is easy to apply. Having worked for decades with the blind, the ISIIS teachers are now entering further, more advanced stages of research.

Clinical case report 1

Clinical case report 2