Low & Superlow fields devices

Oriental medicine considers the human body as a combination of physical and energetic start, which corresponds to the basic postulate of quantum mechanics on the dualism of matter.

Scientists have established long ago that the material carriers of information in the physical world are electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic spectrum is a kind of language of transmission and reception of information between the physical systems, including living organisms.

Ak Tom is an intercellular, biofeedback communications device based on the Extremely High Frequencies method. Using a crystal called an emitter (Gunn diode), it communicates with the body’s cellular structure using millimeter wave technology.

Short-wave therapy AK TOM device reproduces the signals of healthy cells and makes the cells revert from sick to proper functioning, tuned in with the external radiation. Low intensity (informational) effect provides strong physiological effect without heating the tissue or structural changes with minimal necessary energy.

The Ak Tom is based on 30 years of research conducted by Russian scientists and has proven itself to be so effective that it is approved as a medical device, class CE2A, and it is used extensively by doctors, hospitals and clinics.

Application of the “AK TOM” device within the EHF-therapy enables you to:
reduce the pain of any origin and inflammation in the pathological foci;
reduce the time of hospital treatment of a wide range of diseases;
enhance the capacity of restorative treatment in hospital and home conditions, to conduct the primary and secondary preventive treatment;
improve efficacy of medicine and at the same time reduce the dosage of the prescribed medication, and in some cases abandon their use.

Effective Supplement to Traditional Therapies:
When there is a risk of polypharmacy for a patient with several conditions
For patients with chronic conditions.
When a patient is experiencing complications and side effects from pharmacological treatment.
When traditional treatment methods do not show effective results.
For patients with drug resistance or intolerance.
When there are contraindications against other treatment methods.

The lectures on the “Low and Superlow Fields devices” will be conducted by Dr. Dieter Zenke, who is a medical practitioner according to German “Heil praktikergesetz”, an expert in the field of stress management. He holds doctorate in Natural Sciences.