Lucid Dreaming (at Night)

“Good night”, “Sweet deams” – these are the words we usually say to each other. Indeed, sleeping is so pleasant and sweet. It is a small, and at the same time a big pleasure – to sleep!

But on the other hand, it is considered that an average person spends a third of their life sleeping. Nobody argues that sleep is vital and indispensable. But a third of one’s life is a lot!

However, there are many famous stories about scientists who made great discoveries while sleeping:

The dream of August Kekule about the formula of benzene;
The dream of Niels Bohr that enabled him to discover the atomic model;
The dream of Otto Levy about nerve impulses;
Dmitry Mendeleyev’s dream about the periodic table of elements,…

During the Human Light System Congress Training every evening you will get a homework for the following night. And now you will get your first homework: formulate your problem/ task which you would like to solve, but do not know how to solve.