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  1. diana Reply

    hello Olga,

    the password i have is called empty or invalid.
    must i check in via face book or can i do that via humanlightsystem.org

    • Olga Farber Reply

      Hello Diana,

      If it’s about IUMAB membership registration, it is NOT a course access, it is just a bonus for you: there’re books there available for your download, there’re available discounts etc.

      For that you must register there at the forum. Yes, for some people the Facebook registration doesn’t work. If you want access to IUMAB membership, you should register the usual way, entering your preferred username and other details.

      About your Course access:

      Did you get an email with the subject “Your Membership Details for Human Light System Course”? If not, please check your Spam folder and whitelist our address.

      (If it’s not even there or for some weird reason the password is not working, don’t worry: your username is your email address, so you can go to the login page and click on “Forgot password?”)

      Now that your membership details are with you, please go and login:

      Then all the lectures here will become available to you:

  2. Nathalie Reply

    How I can acces my free training? I only found the description of the courses and the buy button!! Thank you!

  3. FRANKIE TOH Reply

    I have made full payment for the HLS1 online course. Please show me the link where I can commence my HLS1 course.

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