Seminar, 20 – 24 of June, Zurich:

The Secrets of Optimal Balance for Health and Active Longevity

with Prof. Ignatov and Eder

KlindiovoColor coronal discharge of water drop from mountain water, source Klindiovo, Teteven

ACTUAL: Seminar: 20 – 24 of June, Zurich


Contact: Lieselotte Eder.


Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics
Practical scientific project “Ecology, Nature, Longevity”
Prof. Ignat Ignatov
Sia Todorova – consultant
of applied part

Program for course in Zurich
Prof. I. Ignatov & L. Eder

20 of June
9.30-10.15 Longevity as balance of human body and factors for longevity
10.30-11.15 Positivefactors of longevity – hereditary, health, water, food, positive attitude prolongs life, movement, clean air and oxygen
11.30-12.15 Negative factors for longevity – abnormal weight, smoking
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.30-15.15 Exercises for feeling of thermal biophysical field
15.30-16.15 Cardiovascular system. Treatment of hypertonia. Basic procedure for neurasthenia
16.30-17.15 Seminar and conversation with students

21 of June
9.30-10.15 Water as factor of longevity. Which types of water are useful for human being.
10.30-11.15 Dehydration and symptoms for dehydration – dry throat, rhinitis, symptoms of ulcer, spine
11.30-12.15 Dehydration and alterations in the hormones, cholesterol, psychological status
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.30-15.15 Immunology system and treatment of immunology system with contact influence
15.30-16.15 Abnormal weigh and contain in human body of water (normal weigh and abnormal weigh). Why the centenarians have normal weigh. Exercises for human body.
16.30-17.15 Seminar and conversation with students

22 of June
9.30-10.15 Treatment of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, anemia
10.30-11.15 Treatment of nephritis, cystitis
11.30-12.15 Treatment ofthyrotoxicosis,Struma of Hashimoto
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.30-15.15 Why thelinseed decrease the free radicals?
15.30-16.15 Minerals and Vitamins
16.30-17.00 Seminar and conversation with students

23 of June
9.30-10.15Body detoxification. Purifying the body from the effects of external contaminants and toxic substances accumulated in the body. This is done with a variety of diets, including water, tea, fruits, vegetables, food supplements, etc.
10.30-11.15Proper nutrition and acid-alkaline body balance /pН/. The role of pH is related to the synthesis of more than 4000 enzymes, which catalyze all biochemical processes in tissues and cells, maintain metabolism, activate body cells and protect against infection. pH imbalance leads to diseases. The Internet has articles and tables with alkaline and acidic foods.
11.30-12.15Human organism needs a constant supply of vitamins and minerals, which activate and regulate the functions of enzymes and hormones. They are obtained by food and supplements
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.30-15.15Fruits, vegetables, juices for longevity
15.30-16.15 Positive attitude prolongs life, Exercises for relax
16.30-17.15 Seminar and conversation with students

24 of June
9.30-10.15The role of collagen. The most important protein in human connective tissue whose concentration varies. It can be found in skull bones, cartilage, cornea and skin. One can take it as a dietary supplement.
10.30-11.15The role of peptides as regulators of the activity of individual cells, tissues, organs, and the body as a whole.
Peptides are composed of amino acid chains and carry information on a cellular level. They have a low molecular weight, which allows them to enter into diseased tissues and cells. By stimulating the biosynthesis of necessary substances, they help to restore the normal function of damaged tissue.
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.30-15.15 Informationability of water
15.30-16.15 Simple type of massage. Improvement of energy of the fingers.
16.30-17.15 Seminar and conversation with students
18.30 Awarding in Enrico Bauer’s office
The seminar is in English and German.
The lectures are object of copy right© and the students and assistants have right to read the lecture, but to don’t spread to other people.

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Times each seminar 9:30 – 12.15 clock / 14.00 – 17.15 clock
The course is conducted in English with German translation.
Registration deadline is May 31, 2015

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Lieselotte Eder, Tel. +41 (0) 44 262 58 68
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Program in German:

Prof. Ignat Ignatov – Head of the project 
Sia Todorova – Consultant of practical activity  

The first stage of the practical scientific project “Nature, Ecology, Longevity” was successfully concluded with the interviewing of 31 centenarians and analyses by Prof. Ignatov. Mountain springs were also researched.

The theoretical analyses and publications are carried out by Ass. Prof. Mosin and Prof. Ignatov. They are also the copyright holders.

Prof. Ignatov states“Before I met the centenarians, my notion was by and large theoretical. I thought I would meet people overridden with diseases and with no will to live. Yet the surprises started right away. The first centenarians turned out to be people in good health. Out of 31 people interviewed, 27 were perfectly healthy. “

1. The first conclusion is that it is almost incredible for a person to reach the age of 100 if this person has suffered from many diseases in his youth. 

Diseases can be either hereditary or due to an erroneous way of life. Aging is related to the accumulation of errors in DNA replication. Replication is the distribution of the genetic material from one mother into two daughter cells. Free radicals influence unfavorably this process. It is a well-known fact that after 75-85 years human body cells have a very small part of the information for DNA replication. With aging, errors inDNA replication increase way faster compared to the years of youth. But Nature likes to joke every now and then. There are 4 centenarians who make this conclusion inconsistent. This shows that the organism has a great longevity potential.

2. The second conclusion is that positive attitude prolongs life 

I was very much impressed by the fact that all centenarians were full of vitality and had a positive attitude towards life. This year for the first time I saw in PNAS (the magazine of the American Academy of Sciences) the results for the influence of stress on the immune system. Men have it tougher. From the 31 persons interviewed, only four were men. Are meditations and walks enough to lower stress levels? There are secrets in human biochemistry. A result analysis shows that men predominate among the parents and grandparents of the centenarians. In the modern world men are subjected to a very serious stress.

3. The weight of all centenarians has been normal throughout their life 

There is scientific evidence that when weight is within normal limits, the organism goes into an “energy-saving” mode. Is food enough to correct our weight? My experience with 8 lost kg and optimal cholesterol levels show that food is only a part of this process.

4. Smoking is not a road to longevity

Only one of the centenarians has smoked for several years. Smoking is one of the reasons for the increase of free radicals and thence cancer. Cancer is the antipode of longevity. Malignant tumors are the result of accumulation of errors in DNA replication, in the cases of longevity errors are accumulated much slower. With our training I intend to help ourselves and many others for cancer prophylaxis with natural methodics.

5. Some people say “Well, yes, but this centenarian has a good heredity”

This is true, but in the testing of 31centenarians it turned out that this percentage is not that big. From these 31 people, 14 have good heredity, 17 don’t have parents or grandparents that have lived over 90. The control group consists of the brothers and sisters of the centenarians. Same genome, different way of life with factors that do not benefit health. The average life span of the centenarians is 95,6 years, and of their brothers and sisters – 77,7 years. The interviews with the centenarians made me think about life values because for each and every one of us this is the only life we have. I personally will try to help many people to rethink their lives. I know that it is hard to overcome inertia, to come out of your comfort zone, with all commodities. But more often than not these commodities do not benefit our health.

6. What is the influence of mountain water and clean air

Our greatest surprise came when in the three municipalities – Teteven, Troyan and Ugarchin, district of Lovech, Bulgaria, the oldest inhabitant of the field areas was 93 years old, and the oldest inhabitant of the mountain areas was 102. These are distances of no more than 50 km and the only difference is mountain air and water. What kind of water shall we, city people drink, how can we prepare “active” water, can we improve DNA replication with water?

                                             3LongevityVideoclip, Zokofilm, Teteven, 2012

7. How can we overcome factors that are hardly compatible with longevity?

This is one of the greatest secrets. We give examples of mountain centenarians, yet we live in the modern world. But they don’t have quick access to medical services and make no medical tests for years. Early medical prophylaxis is one of the key longevity factors. Here is evidence in this direction from the National Statistical Institute, Bulgaria. In Bulgaria the average life span from 1935 to 1939 was 51,75 years, and from 2008 to 2010 – 73,60 years.


You are all invited to a practical seminar-interview in Teteven (June 8-16) (Villa Cherven). I will be glad to have with you a positive discussion on the subject, which also demonstrates a high level of spirituality and care for our health. Over the years I became convinced that applying energy techniques in closed spaces, lack of movement due to continuous work in front of a computer, driving everywhere, etc. is apparently not an optimal model for a full and healthy life.



Nesheva, Todorova, Ass. Prof. Yaneva, Head Assistant

Spassova, Masandilova, Ass. Prof. Velikov, Georgiev

Teteven, 2013

Information about the project “Ecology, Nature, Longevity” was presented of “Days of mauntain water and healing tourism“, Teteven, Bulgaria:

The event on 11 of June was organized from Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics and Municipality of Teteven

Project “Ecology, nature, longevity” for  2013 г. was realizedе with collaboration of Ass. Prof. Borislav Velikov (Aquachim), Lieselotte Eder, Dipl. Eng. Horst Elzenbeck, Mandy Protze-Kälberer, Zohra and Manferd Dome, Roland Lichtensteiger, Bettina Maria Haller, Paul Kleindienst, Aryan Khoschonyani, Marcel Scherrer, Asnat Masandilova, Anita and Helmut Gebert, Richard Weitz and Petra Schmidt.



Introduction – longevity factors. They are heredity, prophylaxis of diseases, absence of stress,physical activity, normal body weight, clean mountain water and air, quality nutrition. 1 hour

  1. How can one achieve longevity? Why is longevity set in our way of life during our young years? Prophylaxis of diseases and heredity. What are the sensations that show that there may be a disease. 2 hours
  2. Why the greatest number of centenarians live in the mountains. Mountain water – force of life.The human body contains 50-75% water. After the age of 70, water in the body decreases with 16-18%. How to optimize the drinking of water. Preparation of quality water in the cities. 3 hours
    3.  Physical activity – the road to longevity. Physical exercises with author methodic of Doncho Krastev  “The Dance of the Spiral”  . How to maintain normal body weight. 3 hours
    4.  Free radicals make us age. Way of life, physical exercises and food, which decrease free radicals. 3 hours
    5. Positive attitude towards life makes life longer. Stress is biochemistry. Vitamins and minerals, which improve the state of the nervous system. Ways to decrease the toxic substances in the human body. 3 hours.
    Each day includes discussions of 30 minutes after the seminar.
    The program includes 3 short mountain routes, one of which is to the Teteven waterfall, food in accordance with the food of the centenarians, discussions.


                                                            Waterfall, Teteven