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  1. Ana Pardo Duque Reply

    interesada en el curso , habra Castellano como idioma?. Ojala si,un Saludo, contenta de que el curso sea.

  2. Ana Pardo Duque Reply

    Hola Olga, Marina sviridenko, sabe castellano ingles y ruso. 380639341024. es su wasapp, esta en ucrania, un saludo Ana.

    • Olga Farber Reply

      Hello Raul,

      If you prefer to pay with the bank transfer, I can send to you the invoice today. If you prefer paying online, it will need to wait until we set up the online flow. What would you prefer?

      Wonderful day :)

  3. Karen O'Dell Reply

    Hi! I would like to sign up for the HLS course. I live in the US, so I would like to attend online. How do I go about signing up and paying for the course?
    Thank you!

    • Olga Farber Reply

      Hi Karen!

      Since I just saw your order, I assume you found it. :)
      (Welcome to the course!)
      Is there anything left you’d like my help with?

      I just wanted to let you know – in November you can purchase packages, containing the course: HLS Magic Package and HLS Platinum; they contain 15% discount. So if you wish to get them, you can just upgrade to them, paying the difference. Should I send you an invoice?

      Wonderful day :)

  4. Hesham Sami Reply

    Dear Madame dear Sir,
    I would like to know if you may have a package for Course and GDV bio well Camera, including a discount, as this what i am interested in.
    The Idea is simply to practice the Course Knowledge about the system of Bio well and use the Camera parallel with the Theory .
    what cost and where to pay? my regards Hesham sami
    p.s When maximum can i pay the cost ?

  5. Mario Abundis Reply


    I am interested on learning all this. But I think the course is just the theory, right? If I wanna practice I have to get the camera, correct?

    Ok, So I have this two questions:
    1. Do you have a package that includes the camera and course.
    2. Do you have payment plans? It’s not something I can pay in one payment hehe…

    Thanks, please let me know I hope to join this group :)

    Love is knowledge,
    Mario Abundis

    • Olga Farber Reply

      Hi Mario,

      It would be great for your practice to take seminars we provide, in addition to the course.

      Yes, we do have the package, please see this page you posted your comment on, it has the packages. Give it a few seconds to load.

      For the payment plans, please write to my@humanlightsystem.org

      Welcome :)

  6. Poonam Reply

    I am a Reiki Master and Aura Healer.I would like to see a demo of your softwares and would like to associate with you. I am in India.

    • Olga Farber Reply


      This is not a software website, it is Human Light System Course, and you can subscribe to our newsletter to get a gift lecture to try. You can see and download the software at GDV software. Welcome :)

  7. Keri Reply

    What is the currency? I’m in Canada. Is there an online training and camera price? I’m a bit confused by programs and pricing?
    Many blessings

  8. Caroline Reply

    Hello, I am interested in buying the GDV camera. I have a couple of questions.
    1. Is the software available in other languages, Spanish & German?
    2. Is there a monthly fee to pay to use the software or connect to the data base in Russia.
    Many thanks,

    • GDVPLANET Reply

      Hi Caroline, the Bio-Well software is available in a few different languages, including Spanish and German.
      The monthly fee for using the software is $20, it does not depend on the country. The software is being regularly updated and improved.
      If you have further questions, please write to: gdvplanet@gmail.com
      Have a nice day:)

  9. Meire Yamaguchi Reply


    I’m interest in learn how to use GDV. I’m holistic naturopath, EFT practitioner and healer.
    Do I need to do both courses to start use it?
    Is all the course now (2016) online?
    Do you have practical seminars in Europe 2017?

    I’m grateful for all information,
    Have a nice day


  10. Ernst Reply

    I am interested in the HLS course bundle HLS1+HLS2.
    Is the discount of $500,- still available as it is figured out on the page: Total HLS1+HLS2 – $1800 Order Now!
    Because on the “Order Now” site the bundle price is $1900.
    What is correct?
    Thank you and have a nice day!

  11. Tongju Li Reply


    very interesting topics! Is the course in English? are they only be watched online? I mean whether I can download/have them as video files after paying 1800 $ . tks a lot



    • GDVPLANET Reply

      Hi Tongju,

      the course is in English. You can watch the lectures online as well as watch them afterwards (all lectures are recorded). If you are interested, you still can join the course, you are welcome :)

  12. Smithg763 Reply

    Enjoyed studying this, very good stuff, regards . A man may learn wisdom even from a foe. by Aristophanes. kedcebcgackkggef

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