Dear participants of our Global Experiment!

Here is the instructions how you should send your GDV Sputnik Sensor data to our account, so that we can process it.

The results of measurements, taken with the GDV Sputnik Sensor, are displayed on four graphs. Area, Intensity, Energy and Deviation S.  

During the measurement you can mark the most important moments of your experiment by clicking on the «edit labels» icon and adding a comment to the present moment of the experiment.


We would also like to ask you to make a comment with a brief description of the conditions in which the measurements were taken: the place, time, air temperature and humidity. You can put these comments here …


You should first save the results of the measurements on your account. For Example:


Then, in order to send them to us, you just need to click on the paper airplane icon – send to user –


and to enter the name «korotkov» (to the input field), then click on “ok”. We will receive the results of your measurement and process them.


Thank you for your participation!!!