Magic Applied: Translighters

Dr. Sergey Avdeev Webinar with Dr. Sergey Avdeev about Translighters technologies, The Biointernet and Human Light System project.

Language: Russian, English

Translighters – The Biointernet Devices
Equipment for Meditation, Teleportation, Intuitive Information Sight and other practices

Home appliance Translighters
New quality of your electrical/mechanical machines, clothes and other stuff

Translighters – Personal development devices
Rejuvenation of the organism and the expansion of true wishes for self-programming for success

The Biointernet School
Psychological development school. The school for children, teenagers and adult

Human Light System project is a Research project, established by IUMAB at 2012.

Experimental online-offline course:
February – June 2015

Art, Science and Technologies Forum

The replay is ready for your pleasant studying (I personally enjoyed it):