The Biointernet Expedition (Prague)

The Biointernet expedition, which is conducted by the inventor of the Translighters Dr. Sergey Avdeev, is a peculiar combination of a seminar and a Prague tour. When a group of people is moving along a precise trajectory together, it causes a formation of additional BIO Laser light connections with the Biointernet. Creation of such connections enables to switch on the collective mind of the Biointernet for solving the tasks of the participants. Moreover, the trajectory of the expedition includes saint places and places of strong energy, which will intensify the Bio Laser connections.

Also, the participants of the expedition “clean” the places they are passing by means of light and cause formation of light structure, which will improve the lives of those who live in these places. Various collective actions – ceremonies are performed during the expedition. Good organization and cooperation of the participants is needed. At the same time, while passing the chosen trajectory, you have a chance to see the most beautiful places of Prague, those of cultural and historical importance, and hear interesting historical data, myths and legends.