The Biointernet (Intuitive) Marketing with Kirill Korotkov

During his lecture Kirill Korotkov will provide an introduction to the secrets of the Biointernet Marketing, which includes the implementation of custom technologies and intuitive marketing devices, the knowledge of contemporary advertising technologies and, of course, the introduction to the Biointernet Network itself.

Intuitive marketing is easy on the mind. It is simple and clear, knowing that taxing consumers’ cognitive resources to tell a persuasive story is in most circumstances futile. Processing fluency brings its own rewards of familiarity and liking, without the need to resort to persuasive messaging.

Intuitive marketing is consistent and therefore communicates reliability. Expectancy of violations can be very disruptive of the mental associations laboriously built by marketers. Changing messages and themes in mid-stream to attract attention or resuscitate a tired brand is a classical error of persuasive marketing, and one that intuitive marketing avoids at all costs.