The term “LIGHT” in technical, natural and social sciences

If you want to be an active player in the global international system of relationships, you have to be confident enough to believe in yourself, and you also have to think beyond yourself.

In order to achieve this, you should follow a simple formula: to be progressive, dynamic, proactive.

Education is the key for any kind of development.

Therefore, the Korotkov company has unified these pillars within the Human Light System project. As a part of this project, the Human Light System Congress Training will be conducted on the 25th-31st May in Prague/ online.

The Human Light System Congress Training consists of series of workshops. This event embraces comprehensive, in-depth knowledge on various spheres of modern science.

Participation will provide you with an insight into the academical work of scientists who have devoted many years to their research in these fields. What you are going to gain is much more than obtaining purely theoretical knowledge. Instead, you will learn how all those scientific methods and technologies work out in practice. This will give you a chance to make the world a bit better, which is important for every conscientious businessman and for the society in general.

​Now the Human Light System Congress Training is a mosaic from which the participants will create a wonderful image, which will become a part of the picture of our future.

Add glamour to this picture with your presence.