Translighters Technologies with Dr. Sergey Avdeev

Dr. Sergey Avdeev, PhD, who is engaged in scientific research in the synergy of information processes and the theory of physical structures, is the author of more than 50 scientific publications and 6 patents. He is also the president of the research community Blaga, the founder and director of the Institute of Modeling and Designing Structures in Russia, a full member of the International Academy of Frontal Problems.

The Translighters, the Personal Development devices, produced by the Laboratory of Information Constructing, are based on the principle of structural informational transfer and used for solving various ecological tasks, for increasing the effectiveness of interaction between different systems, such as people, cars, houses, technical devices, etc. Elimination of structural distortions and improving the informational exchange lead to normalization of most systems of the human organism, enable people to make right decisions and increase their adaptability to the changeable world.

During his seminar on the Translighters Dr. Sergey Avdeev and his team will teach the participants to use their own energy, restore its reserves, move it in different directions and control it the same way as we control the movements of our body.

Dr. Avdeev will also conduct the Biointernet expedition – an exciting combination of a seminar and a tour across the most magical places of Prague, whose participants will switch to the collective mind of the Biointernet for solving their own tasks, as well as the tasks of the humanity.