Translighters technologies

Dr. Sergey Avdeev
Dr. Sergey Avdeev

Translighters technologies

Dr. Sergey Avdeev seminar

24-26 March 2015, Prague

24 March – Presentation (Free)

25-26 – Training

5 hours per day



Main Topics:

– Translighters Technologies

– Basic Biointernet workshop

– What you should do with your Translighters

– Working with Human Light Body

The Biointernet Mask, Mirror of Isis, BLAGA and other Translighters

GDVCAMERA BIO-WELL screening on the workshop. GDV images for all participants and GDV SPUTNIK control.


Human LightPrice for 3 days: 400 EUR

Discount for HUMAN LIGHT SYSTEM course‘s students – 50 %

Discount for IUMAB members – 50%

For students and teachers of The Biointernet School and Pražské centrum rozvoje člověka – special price

Contact person: Tatiana Karovina.


Details will be soon


3 thoughts on “Translighters technologies

  1. giuseppina

    dear team
    have you plans to come to Switzerland?
    can you send me schedule
    if not – do you need assistance to visit zurich
    i live in zurich

    • Olga Farber

      Hello Giuseppina,

      What would you like us to come for? You can participate in our course online. Welcome :)

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