HLS Course 2.0

Human Light System Online Course

Second Year

HLS 2.0

2 year HLS Course (HLS2.0)

6 months

Starting November 2016

2-3 online lectures per week 

+ The Biointernet Global Meditation 

Every Saturday

$1300 Order Now 

HLS1+HLS2=$2300 Discount – $500

Total HLS1+HLS2 – $1800 Order Now!


About Human Light System Online Course here: http://www.humanlightsystem.org/hls-course/

Program will be available on the course

UPD1: You will see on this course Healing Photography Master classes and training

UPD2: New Water Devices

UPD3: The Biointernet Marketing. Dynamic Vision Board and other technologies.

UPD4: The Biointernet Digital. The Biointernet technologies on the Internet.

UPD5: GDV Analysis and Interpretation

UPD6: Medical Doctors and Healers

UPD7: Online experiments with students

UPD8: Updates information for the Human Light System Online Course 1.0 content

UPD9: Global Biointernet Dancing